The original model engineering solid fuel is available in New Zealand and Australia. Mined in the famous coal fields of Wales. Graded, pre-packed and ready for use in your locomotive, traction engine or steam truck. Nothing else can match the incredible energy output of this natural resource. 

  • High Heat Output - 14,400 BTU per lbs 
  • High Carbon Content - 85%
  • Low Sulphur Content 0.65 - 0.80%
  • Volitile Matter - between 8 to 18%

Smokeless and environmentally friendly to you and your passengers !

Available in managable 20 kilogram pre-packed bags. Sizes available : Grains (5 x 15mm) - Beans (10 x 22mm) - Small Nuts (22 x 45mm - Large nuts (50 x 69mm)

You won't believe it until you have tried it. You'll never look back once you have ! We can guarantee it !! 

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HALLETSteamFuels Logo TransparentHallett Oils offer a range of lubricants that include cylinder, Steam and bearing oils for miniature and full-size locomotives, traction engines, stationary engines and steamboats. Hallett Oils offer a range of quantities from small bottles for modeler’s, to large drums for heritage railways and main line operators, and traction engine and steamboat enthusiasts.

OIL GRADES: 220 460 680 1000 Compounded and Non-Compounded

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