Metalfix 1000

A top quality primer that prevents rust and works as an etch primer over non-rusted surfaces. METALFIX 1000 is a single pack water-based primer which is designed for application onto non-rusted surfaces, such as new or clean steelwork, new or weathered aluminium, new or weathered galvanised steel, plastic, timber, etc, to form a non-toxic film. The coating is the "twin sister" to METALFIX, which is designed mainly for application over well-rusted steel.

The METALFIX 1000 does have a slight rust converting action, and can be used over lightly rusted steel work(e.g, new steel bearing a "rust bloom") where it cures into a tough abrasion-resistant skin which is impervious to further rusting. The coating will operate from minus 40 degrees Centigrade to upto 1000 degrees Centigrade, and, if required, may be overcaoted with any other top coat, whether oil or water based.

Special Features:

  • Give off no fumes
  • Easy to spray or brush
  • Goes over wide range of surfaces
  • Gives stable surface plus tough paint skin
  • Can take any top coat, if required
  • Quick overcoating times
  • Water wash up(no solvents)
  • Etch-primer for Zinc and Aluminium
  • Non-toxic in the dry state
  • Fire-retardant properties
  • Single pack(no wasted mixes)
  • Can be mixed with cement powder(to repair damage to tanks, pools etc)

We also recommend MetalFix for heavy rust...

Approved by the NZ Food Safety Authority(MPI)

 PMF 10001  1 LITRE  BLACK      RED           WHITE       LIGHT GREY   


How to use MetalFix 1000:

Remove any flaking material from the surface using a hand wire brush, remove any oil or grease cantamination with undiluted Phoenix "FLOORPREP", and wash the surface with a 10% FLOORPREP solution. Rinse off with clean water and allow to dry. Apply the METALFIX 1000 by brush, roller, or spray(airless or conventional). When spraying, reduce the yield stress in the paint by stirring with a high speed stirrer(e.g, a mixing blade in an electric drill) which lowers the viscosity to that of a conventional paint.

If the paint is cold, warm to at least 25 degrees Centigrade by immersing the container in hot water and stirring occasionally. Use large tip size and try to avoid adding water, although this may be added sparingly(e.g, 2-3%) to improve the paint flow. For surfaces which exhibit both severe and light rusting, after the preparation outlined above, apply the METALFIX ove the areas of severe rust, and after allowing the paint to fully dry and cure, apply a coat of METALFIX 1000 over the entire surface.