High-performance industrial cleaners provide safe solutions for tough challenges including ink, grease, oil, carbon and more. Non-toxic | Non-hazardous | Biodegradable | Non-corrosive | Low to non-flammable | Low odor | Phosphate-free | Phenol-free | Non-ozone depleting | Heavy metal-free

  • Light - heavy degreasing and cleaning
  • Cleaning/degreasing in parts and ultrasonic tanks
  • Spot cleaning heavy soils, spray washing cabinets, heated dip tanks, hand-wiping applications
  • Eliminating heavy baked-on carbon, dirt, grease, grime, oil from all surfaces
  • Dissolving asphalt, tar and oil from paving tools, truck beds, manhole covers, removing ink
  • Graffiti and other vandalism stains on painted* and unpainted surfaces
  • Performing daily automotive cleaning and maintenance
  • *Test on a small hidden area of the painted surface you are cleaning prior to application.